501st Legion | MidSouth Garrison

Command Staff

Our Command Staff for 2015 are:

Commanding Officer (CO): Doug Dyer (TX-31705) “DarthDyer76″

Executive Officer (XO): Robbie Amburgey (TK-8231) “MxPxRobbie”

Garrison Membership Liaison (GML): Ed Gay (TK-05707) “CC5707″

Garrison Membership Liaison (GML): Jay Ritchie (TK-10138) “Misfit138″

Garrison Web Liaison (GWL): Clint Land (SL-68888) “padawan70″

Garrison Web Liaison (GWL): Damon Reed (TK-9589) “damon”

Garrison Web Master (GWM): Clint Land (SL-68888) “padawan70″

Garrison Web Apprentice (GWA): Tim Birch (TK-4267) “TK-Tim”

Garrison Public Relations (GPR): Cameron Keaggy (TK-11873) “Troubadour”

Garrison Public Relations (GPR): Andy Galloway (TK-71073) “Gallogeek”

Mos Nooga Squad Leader : Charleen Ellefson “Concert96″, SL 6417

Mos Nooga Squad XO : Eric Wilson “EricFett”, BH 4057

Blue Sun Squad Leader: Clint Land (SL-68888) “padawan70″



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