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Wonderfest 2009 Report

May 20th, 2009

Wonderfest 2009 Group

For 2 days in the spring of 2009, a series of Imperial Dropships deposited a band of costume-shocktroops into the center of the states largest sci-fi & modeling convention with the intent to spread the joy of the Darkside, and inspire the imaginations of all who witnessed the event. 35 pairs of Imperial bootsteps conducted their missions in waves throughout the weekend, often disguised as alternate creatures to blend with the local population, & install dreams of galactic conquest for The Fist, & enrich the Legion ranks. Shadow Troopers, TS & TKs, Sith, Clones & a procession of Alien & bounty hunters roamed the halls, collecting in they’re sweeps, a Rebel Trooper & the one and only Chewbacca, who gave up a mighty struggle to be sure.

This year a 30th anniversary celebration of a favorite fellow starbug’s first contact with the human rebels was in swing. And a few of our numbers managed to successfully infiltrate the festivities and take tactical assessments from deep within the hive.

In addition to an amazing & successful assault by the Empire this weekend, several in the ranks managed to create beautiful works of art and install them creatively in the event-competitions. 4 amazingly talented Clones brought the Imperial trumpets to the show-record 501 contestant-entries! YES. TRUE. 501 ENTRIES. And among those numbered, 3 stunning & well deserved awards were presented to our team members for they’re skills. Skip Curley won Bronze for his nightmare inspiring Alien Diorama, & his son Bryce took not only the Silver for his AT-ST (pictured) diorama, but ALSO the BEST TEEN ENTRY AWARD. Out of 501 entries! And this was Bryce’s FIRST MODEL & CONTEST!!! OUTSTANDING JOB TROOPERS! Our cherrished CO (ret) Cmdr Tambo brought a Stunning replica of the Alien Marine Dropship, lights included, that was unmatched BY ANY Alien ship in the entire fleet of entries. As well our Seasoned Trooper TC-760 Jon, himself an accomplished artisan, delivered a masterfully presented bust of Hellboys’ Kronen that was so lifelike, the neighboring entries shook wrinkles in the table-dressings. A very proud day for the Empire indeed!

Thank you to everyone who made time & effort to attend Wonderfest this year. Well known faces, and brand new boots alike. Welcome to those of you joining the fight, we are stronger for your enthusiasm & joy. Those of you seasoned to taste already, time to flip & grill the next LZ!!.

Beautiful costumes, and a great deal of sweatbox commitment. Thank you most sincerely for sharing your time & hobby passion. It ain’t won yet, til yer eyes are burning with bucket sweat. OOooohraaah Troopers!! Job well Done!

Reported by TD-1042/Sgt.Dark

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