501st MidSouth Garrison

In recognition of an outstanding performance at Lexington Toy and Comic Con, TK8814 Stew Salyer is awarded MidSouth Garrison of the 501st Legion’s Trooper of the Quarter for the first Quarter of 2014. TK8814 went above and beyond the call of duty by first working tirelessly and donating materials to build a disco blast a trooper set to promote the 501st Legion. He then selflessly manned the booth and directed operations for 3 days while earning nearly $3,000 in donations for the University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital. TK8814′s devotion and service is the finest example of our organization and reflect great credit upon him, the MidSouth Garrison and the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers. Well done Trooper, we salute you. Thank you.



2014 Command Staff

February 19th, 2014

Command staff for 2014:

CO David Hester SL 4647 “Sithlord66″
XO JonWayne Lindsey TK 3032 “jw3032″

GML Edwin Gay CC 5707 “CC5707″
GWL Kevin Lyons TX 7763 “Shadow”
GWL Damon Reed TK 9589 “damon”

GPR (TN) Raychel Enck ID 8072 “LCjedi”
GPR (KY) Cathy Richter SL 9379 “Sith Mistress”

GEC Tyler Phillips IC 1143 “TK-Fett”

GWA Bob Huff TK 9138 (web Master) “Darzu”
GWA Don Enck SL 8071 (web Apprentice) “FallenJedi”

GCR Jennifer Andersson ID 88392 “Jenn Andersson”

SOG Glenn Tamboia TK 1128 “Tambo”

Mos Nooga Squad Leader Angela Punch TB 5293 “dogsondagobah”

Blue Sun Squad Leader Larry Allen TK 86253 “Uncle”

The Busy Holidays

January 7th, 2014

Been a bit since the last update, but the Midsouth Garrison hasn’t been idle during the holidays.  We have attended several events over the past month including Toys for Tots, and several different parades.  We also held an end of the year dinner after the parade in Gallatin.  Special thanks for all the parade organizers and Shannon Bower for organizing the end of the year dinner.  All of the hard work by everyone paid off in the form of some successful events.

Our Garrison Charity Officer has also reported the numbers collected from March 2013 – December 2013 and the results are pretty impressive!  The Midsouth Garrison directly raised $9360.04, indirectly raised $1,059,154, and put in 668 hours trooping.  Thanks to everyone who got out there and made all those numbers possible.  Hopefully we can surpass all those numbers in 2014.

Chattanooga Starlight Christmas Parade

Chattanooga Starlight Christmas Parade

Knoxville WVIK Christmas Parade

Knoxville WVIK Christmas Parade


Gallatin Christmas Parade

Gallatin Christmas Parade


End of the Year Dinner

End of the Year Dinner




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